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Intro from Argos, Archive
Lindemans’s videos are located in the space between documentary registration, fiction and commentary.

Concretely he avoids writing a script which allows him to maintain space for playing and thinking during the filming. During the recording he almost eliminates his personal reflection, which allows him to focus on his subject: through the absence of the artist and the respect for time Lindemans catches things in their own environment.

A striking example for this is his portrait of the Russian filmmaker Alexandr Sokurov in the film Aleksander Sakoerof, Kamer 333, Lenfilm, St. Petersburg, 3 Mei, 1995, 15 Uur (1996).

Lindemans dismantles the aloofness and neutrality toward his subject in the editing. There the artist interprets, gives intimate commentary or introduces associations. At other times he iterates his reflections in the form of writing over the images, parallel to the personal scrapbook or letter. The relationship that Lindemans engages in with time is also present in his photographs and slides; images of ephemeral, fragile things such as flowers, the different seasons or waste. Or, as Lindemans once put it: “I like looking and reading. In the way you sit on a square and look around yourself: you ’understand’ the images by ’reading’ them. That is the way in which I should like to define my work. And that’s how I’d like to make it, as I see it.“

List of works
Lijst audiovisueel werk

1990   Hij was niet eens tien.
(installatie: foto’s / objecten / video / klank)

1990   Erna Lendvai-Dircksen. Flandern. Das Germanische Volksgesicht.
(video: 45 ”)  Link

1991   Les Carpathes / Die Karpaten.
(installatie: boek / video / klank)  Link

1991   Billy Turf ???
(installatie: boek / foto’s / video / dia)  Link

1991   Le Nord. L’Europe et Le Monde.
(installatie: boek / video / dia / klank)  Link

1993   Vlugschetsen 91 – 92.

1993   En het woud weet niets.
(installatie: video / lazer / klank)  Link

1993   “ONGS STAD!” Zicht op Antwerpen anno 1991.
(installatie: video / dia / boek / klank)  Link

1993   Mijn atelier de dag na de opening.
(diainstallatie / peep-show)

1993   Mijn atelier de dag na de afbraak.
(diainstallatie / peep-show)

1994   Julie. Zomer 93.

1994   Schönheit am Wege.
(installatie: dia / super 8 / klank) Link

1995   Vlugschetsen 94 – 95.

1995   Blanca Li.
(diainstallatie / klank)

1995   Verloren Tijd (In de bouw).

1995   Le jardin de Giverny.

1996   Aleksander Sakoerof. Kamer 333. Lenfilm. St-Petersburg. 3 mei 1995. 15 uur.
(video: 22 ”)  Link

1996   Kerstmis 96.
(diainstallatie / klank)

1997   De Panorama’s van Kabouter Pim.

1997   Martin Margiela. Automne-Hiver 97- 98.
(video: 8” in opdracht van Maison Margiela)

1997   Vlugschetsen: Waskes en Watertorens.
(diareeks op cd-rom)

1997   Een pracht van een herfstdag. Belle.
(diavoorstelling / klank)

1998   De markt van Geel na ‘Palmenmarkt’
(diainstallatie / peep-show)

1999   De jaargetijden / Gemeenteplein Strombeek.
(diainstallatie / peep-show)


Aleksander Sakoerof, Kamer 333, Lenfilm, St.-Petersburg, 3 mei, 1995, 15 uur

Aleksander Sakoerof, Kamer 333, Lenfilm, St.-Petersburg, 3 mei, 1995, 15 uur


Archive  ARGOS brussels :
“When Lindemans saw his first film by Alexandr Sokurov he was completely off his rocker. While he had not understood a word the film had touched him deeply. So deeply that three years later he travelled to Leningrad to make a documentary on Sokurov in the Lenfilm studios.”He said I could drop by in May, when he would be in St. Petersburg. I went to see him and shot about 30 hours of tape. Way too much material to handle in the short editing time I had at my disposal. The solution was a make-shift video about a precise subject: Aleksander Sokurov editing his film ’Silent Voices’. Meanwhile, the footage I shot about Sokurov is lying there, waiting for money and time.”

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1996: Stuc, Leuven, Belgium
1996: filmdag Aleksandr Sokurov, 06 oktober 1996, De LAKgalerie , Leiden, Nederland
2007: MUHKA_MEDIA – SOKUROV – HET METABOLISME VAN DE MACHT, 19 oktober 2007, Muhka,  Antwerpen

“ONGS STAD” Zicht op Antwerpen, anno 1991

“ONGS STAD” Zicht op Antwerpen, anno 1991


Dit werk wil een nauwkeurig, afstandelijk portret zijn zoals Vermeers “Zicht op Delft’. De Antwerpenaar zit thuis, ziet zijn fraaie stad uit het raam, wordt gebrainwashed door de stedelijke successen en hoort wat er bij de buren gebeurt: er wordt angst gezaaid en politieke winst geoogst.

Erna Lendvai-Dircksen. Flandern. Das germanische Volksgesicht



Archive: Argos Brussels :

“Gorik Lindemans is obsessed with books, or rather with looking at books. In his video he guides us through this fascinating picture-book ‘Flandren. Das Germanische Volksgesicht’, with splendid photographs of Flemish farmers and landscapes from the early forties by Erna Lendvai-Dircksen. As Lindemans makes us discover every picture and every detail, we begin to grasp the intentions of the photographer and her publisher.”

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2008: Face To Face : selected videos from the Argos collection, 17-09-2008 – 20-09-2008, Argos vzw, Brussels
2012: Heroes: selected videos from the Argos collection. 22.04.2012, Argoas vzw, Brussel